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Adolfs, Gerard Pieter [4 ]

Semarang, 1898 - Den Bosch, 1 februari 1968

Biografie: Gerard Pieter Adolfs

Gerard Pieter Adolfs, born 1897 in Semarang, spends his youth in Java and receives at home his first artistic inspirations. His father, Gerardus Cornelis Adolfs, is an all-round amateur (painter, photographer, pianist and violinist). Adolfs studies architecture in Holland and constructs houses. But soon he changes the drawing-pen with etching pin, crayon and pencil. In 1924 he has for the first time an exhibition of etchings and drawings. He stays in Florence, Rome, Vienna, Budapest, Prag and (together with his japanese friend Fujita) in Paris and has exhibitions in Java, Japan, Singapore, England, Holland, San Francisco . . .The main subjects of his work are scenes of Java, Bali, Japan (market sceneries, cock-fights, landscapes and town-scapes) and of North Africa. At 1940 - just before the occupation of Holland - Adolfs comes back to Europe. Many of his paintings get lost together with the torpedoed ship "Simaloer". Further paintings are distroyed 1944 by the bombardment of Nijmegen. But Adolfs continues working. He writes and illustrates a book about Soerabaja and has further exhibitions in a lot of well-known galleries. He lives mostly in Amsterdam - interrupted by longer stays in Scandinavia, France, Spain, Italy and North Africa. In 1967 Adolfs retires to a small village in South-Holland. He dies on the 1th of february 1968 in s`Hertogenbosch - Holland.

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