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Music, Zoran Anton

Bukovica, 1909 - Venice , 2005

Biografie: Zoran Anton Music

Music was born in Bukovica, near Gorizia in 1909 when the area was still part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. His family was expelled from their home during the first world war and later moved to Maribor. The landscape where he grew up has always had a powerful influence on his work. He first studied in Graz, Austria, then in Zagreb and in 1935-6 in Madrid at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he was influenced by Goya and El Greco. He returned to Trieste, now Italian, in 1942 and in the same year moved to Venice. He was arrested by the Nazis and sent to Dachau in 1944. After the war he settled in Venice, painting and making prints of Dalmatian and Umbrian landscapes and his beloved horses. He exhibited widely in Europe and in 1952 he settled in Paris where he continued to paint and execute his atmospheric lithographs and etchings, still much influenced by Dalmatian culture. He won many international prizes. In 1970 he brought out a new series of paintings and etchings 'We are not the last ones' depicting the horrors of Dachau. After this period his work often depicted cathedrals and portraits. There was a major retrospective of his work at the Grand Palais, Paris in 1997. He died in Venice in 2005. Works by him are exhibited in public museums and galleries world-wide. He is truly one of the great artists of the 20th century.

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